Delightful bites of baked goodness.Experience the irresistible allure of fresh homemade breads and pastries lovingly handcrafted by our seasoned baker, and made fresh daily.

Find a Luscious Treat of Baked Goodness in a Dessert, or Grab an Ideal Loaf of Bread

Every Crumb Tells a Tale of Artistry at Quince

In the bustling city of Dubai, our bakery stands as a masterpiece, delighting individuals with a penchant
for luxury and a sweet tooth. As you step inside our bakery in Al Barsha, beware! 

You enter a world where every delicacy is an exquisite piece of beauty.
And the aroma of freshly cooked treats compels your sense of smell and activates your taste buds!

We are the best bakery in Dubai owing to our skilled bakers. They are artisans of flavour. They devote
passion to everything they create.

What Makes Quince Bakery Delicacies Unique?

A Treasure of Seasoned Bakers

Our seasoned bakers are the magicians behind the oven who whisk and mix, adding a dash of passion while giving it an artistic touch. They craft each baked delight with perfection. Their skill helps our bakery reach levels never before achieved. We guarantee that each bite sings a song of flavours.

A Promise of Freshly Baked Recipes

Our bakery proudly offers an ongoing variety of freshly baked bread and pastries, each paying tribute to our dedication to excellence. Allow yourself to be immersed in the assurance of freshness. Each dish is a celebration of untainted, unadulterated freshness, from the golden crusts of our handcrafted bread to the delicate layers of our pastries.

A Convenience
Wherever You Go

Our bakery is a convenient and exquisite dining experience for individuals who are on the go or looking for a quick treat. It’s more than a bakery. It is an integral part of the restaurant’s heart, with delightful delicacies available for one who wishes to taste the goodness when passing by the streets.

Our Loaves of

Experience the irresistible allure of fresh homemade specialty and custom-made bread, lovingly handcrafted at the best bread bakery in Dubai.

Flavourful Indulgence of Speciality Breads

You may browse our specialty breads, as the Borodinsky Bread tells stories of tradition and the Croissant,
whether dipped in velvety chocolate or served bare, displays layers of luxury.

Our Ciabatta versions let you discover the freshness of white or the solidity of roasted wheat.
You can enjoy the crisp grip of the baguette, which is available in both classic white and malt-kissed versions.

Discover the delicate flavour of Artisan White Bread and the hearty charm of Sourdough in white and multigrain types.

Custom Bread Crafted
As Per Your Choice

Our custom breads require a simple pre-order for picky individuals looking for a wonderful melody particular to their taste. Each creation at Quince Bakery is a one-of-a-kind recipe created just for you.
Allow the Brioche to charm you with its plain or saffron-infused attraction. Bite into the delicious Focaccia compositions, which include maldon salt and thyme, basil and tomatoes, and olives.

Our Delightful Baked

No more searches for a ‘dessert bakery near me’. Savour the mouthwatering sweetness with our tempting baked desserts. Every bite here ushers in pure bliss!

  • Our Dark Chocolate Fondant is a rich dessert with distinct textures and flavours ranging from salted caramel ice cream to raspberry confit to hazelnut panacotta for a refined and one-of-a-kind experience.
  • Our Chocolate Cheesecake is an affluent, luscious delicacy with hazelnut ganache, chocolate glaze, and cacao beans that offer joy to every bite.
  • Our Citron Cheesecake is a tasty and unusual dessert that is laced with lemon jelly, mascarpone cream, Italian meringue, or honeycomb for a cool and fiery experience.
  • Our Crème Brule Croissant is a culinary masterpiece with a rich caramel candy shell that elevates the basic croissant to the ultimate in simplicity.

Our Exquisite Pastries

Experience the delightful bites of baked goodness of artistic pastries from the best bakery in Dubai. Brace up to fall for the flavour and texture.

  • Our Eclair Chocolate is a classic favourite of Dubai elites. With a delicate choux pastry and a creamy chocolate filling, it transports you to a world of chocolate rapture.
  • Our Tiramisu, with its cascade of flavours, is a coffee chocolate sponge covered with silky mascarpone cream that sends you to the heart of Italy.
  • Our tart assortment includes lemon, redberry, and pistachio, all with bright flavours that promise sensory stimulation.
  • Our spheres, dunes, origami, pearls, pentagons, or hearts of Mini Cakes are a lovely work of delicious art. Whether apple, cherry, lemon, or marshmallow, a cake lover can not resist the flavours on display.

We Invite You to Indulge in the Passions of Baked Sweetness

Quince Bakery would like to welcome distinguished connoisseurs of baked treats. Immerse yourself in a
world of baked magic, where love and artistry meet in every bite.

Join us on an incredible flavour journey as we enhance your enjoyment to the zenith of bakery

Your palate’s joy awaits at our bakery!


The custom-made breads require unique preparations to suit your preferences. It is best to contact the bakery experts to get their exact knowledge of order placement and procedure. For details, you can call us at (+971) 56 418 4244 or visit Quince.

Yes! Quince Bakery presents the convenience of a grab-and-go destination, too. If you choose to sit in our restaurant or wish to go, you can grab our finest freshly baked delights as a perfect treat anytime, anywhere.

Breakfast is served at the Bakehouse from 8 am to 12 pm in the afternoon. For more details, you can call us at (+971) 56 418 4244 or visit Quince.