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Luxury Redefined: The Art of Fine Dining at Quince

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“Dining is and always was a great artistic opportunity.” These are the words of the great Frank Lloyd Wright. We couldn’t agree more! When you sit for a meal at a fine establishment, the ambience should be visually enchanting, just as every bite should be gastronomically satisfying. Add luxury to that, and you will be treated to a new era of luxury fine dining. Quince, a top-rated fine dining restaurant sitting at the heart of Dubai, aims to do the same!

We have thoughtfully curated a space where impressive art, luxury living, and the finest flavours of the world seamlessly become one. From every aesthetical element of our ambience to each ingredient on the plates sent out by our kitchen, our homegrown dining concept stands as a testament to our commitment to redefining the boundaries of luxury fine dining Dubai.


    Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • Quince Fine Dining: Luxury on Each Plate and at Every Corner
  • Crafting a Luxury Surrounding
    • Seating Arrangement
    • Decor and Aesthetics
    • Lighting
  • Moulding an Affluent, Culinary Wonderland
    • Flavours
    • Presentation
  • Join Quince for an Unforgettable Fine Dining Experience in Dubai


Quince Fine Dining: Luxury on Each Plate and at Every Corner

The objective of our fine dining Dubai experience is to amaze the eyes and excite the tastebuds to create a long-lasting impression. Therefore, every dish our chefs prepare is no less than an artistic expression where the spoon will explore the titbits of the modern culinary world. At the same time, the fork keeps you rooted in nostalgic, traditional cuisines. But before the enticing journey of the palates begins, the ambience will transfer you to a world dotted with opulence-wrapped interiors at its best!


Crafting a Luxury Surrounding

Step into the best fine dining in Dubai, Quince, and the many different aspects will set a delightful mood and a flawless dining experience!


Seating Arrangement

Comfort and class – both have been equally prioritised in our seating arrangements. The tables are an example of chic, modern furniture. Take a seat at the various fabric-covered chairs or sofas with soft cushioning. They add rustic elegance to the space. You will surely notice no cluster of this and that on the table as we maintain the theme of finding elegance in simplicity.


Decor and Aesthetics

Place the order and allow yourself to discover our fine dining restaurant, as every nook and corner has some story or the other to tell. Shades of brown, black, and beige take dominance all over the space, giving it an edge. Sophisticated wall art and show pieces placed on the cabinets further add personality and some sprinkle of colours in the correct amount. Colourful and cosy pillows are also thrown here and there for more vibrancy.

What really completes our space is the touch of nature. You will see plants of different types placed around the restaurant in beautiful vases. As your eyes wander around, you will also catch a few succulents gracefully hanging from the ceiling.



We have carefully picked an array of lights to showcase our space and all its elements in the right light! Don’t mind the wordplay, but the lighting perfectly brings the place together and creates a harmonious tone. The yellow and white lights create a suave and refined atmosphere to elevate your mood and give you plenty of reasons to click shots!


Moulding an Affluent, Culinary Wonderland

Now, to the part where you have been waiting for – our menu! We are among the top fine dining restaurants in Dubai, serving the best of Mediterranean flavours. Join us for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Or have a couple of drinks in our fine ambience or satiate your sweet tooth.



Our kitchen uses fresh produce sourced locally from Dubai. The preparation is done carefully, allowing the ingredients to shine through. As you take a bite of any dish you order, you will understand how strategically ingredient combinations have been picked and how passionately the dish has been constructed.



In the world of luxury fine dining, presentation matters more than anyone would think. Before you take a bite, explore the flavour, and decide how you like the food, your eyes have already made an impression. When you opt for our best fine dining in Dubai, you will be introduced to the fine, contemporary art of presenting food. Whether selecting the plates and bowls to serve the food or decorating the different elements of the dish, we watch our chefs turn into artists every day.

Giving deserving compliments to the food will be our beverage menu. Mocktails, teas, and coffees – our mixologists are serving magic in glasses!

As the desserts reach your table or you look around and see various desserts displayed like gems, you will wonder whether you are at a restaurant or museum showcasing regal jewellery!


Join Quince for an Unforgettable Fine Dining Experience in Dubai

No need to type and search for the ‘best fine dining near me’ in Dubai; just make your way to Quince. Here awaits a luxurious amalgamation of food, art, and decor. Plan a romantic evening with your significant other, ask your friends to join you for drinks amid a posh ambience, or arrange a family lunch, and we will gift you a wonderful time to cherish.

Our server will happily seat you, take your order, give recommendations to suit your preference and bring the food to your table.

Book a table at Quince and see how we turn every bite you take into a luxury experience!

Common Questions Answered

When you decide to dine with Quince, expect to receive the best fine dining in Dubai enveloped in luxury. We will create every dish and drink with the utmost passion and attention to detail. Our ambience will leave a remarkable impression in your heart.

Being one of the top fine dining restaurants in Dubai, our entire menu of breakfast, lunch and dinner is meticulously planned, bringing the best of the culinary world to your table. You can order any dish and return home completely satisfied. However, don’t miss the chance to taste our Salmon Croquette, Grilled Seabass, Tarkhunit Khachapuri, And Seafood Risotto.

Come between 8 am and 12 noon if you want to enjoy breakfast with us. For lunch and dinner, we are open from 12 noon to 11 pm.

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