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Journey into Culinary Elegance: Exploring the Quince Dining Experience

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Dubai has successfully marked itself on the global culinary map. Finding good food here is no tough task; however, searching for the most artistic dining experience is a different matter! Not just a meal, when you want elevated and unique dining experiences in Dubai that leave you wanting more, make your way to Quince. Standing on the Umm Suqeim Road, this is where ‘art meets taste’. Our homegrown dining concept thoughtfully connects art, decor, luxurious living, and food. We blend aesthetics and comfort with every plate of food that reaches the table from the kitchen.

At Quince, we are ready to cater to all your plans, be it a memorable date with someone special, a dynamic ambience to interact with friends or a cosy corner for some me-time! Join us as we take you through the highlights of the quintessential Quince dining experience.


    Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • The Culinary Chronicle: Tantalising the Taste Buds
  • A Sneak Peak into Quince Menu!
    • Let’s Start with Breakfast!
    • Lunch or Dinner: Got Both Covered!
    • Time to Please the Sweet Cravings!
    • Presenting Our Beverage Menu!
    • How about Something Fresh Out of The Oven?
  • A Few Secrets: Feel Free to Share with the Food Connoisseurs!
  • The Alluring Ambience: A Touch of Art in Every Corner
  • Let the Gastronomic Extravaganza Begin!


The Culinary Chronicle: Tantalising the Taste Buds

Needless to say, the journey to the best dining experience in Dubai should involve the most delicious food. When you are at Quince, every spoonful will paint a flavoursome picture, and every sip will tell you a new story. Our menu of hand-picked dishes inspired by Mediterranean cuisines has turned even the hard-to-impress guests into fans.

Our cooking process starts with collecting seasonal and local ingredients across Dubai to ensure premium quality. Next, our experienced chefs passionately prepare all the ingredients and handcraft dishes. This is where the nostalgia of home-cooked meals is delicately blended with cultural recipes and modern-world techniques.


A Sneak Peak into Quince Menu!

Our menu is inspired by Mediterranean cuisine, but we promise you glimpses of popular international flavours here and there.


Let’s Start with Breakfast!

Enjoy the Quince Breakfast platter that includes the classics like eggs (obviously, of your choice), sausage, hash browns, beans, etc. We also have bruschetta, stuffed pitta, and khachapuri. Try pancakes, Acai bowls, or oat bowls if you want something sweet and healthy.


Lunch or Dinner: Got Both Covered!

Relish in artfully designed and well-seasoned meals from hand-picked starters and main courses. With the freshness of salads, the richness of cheese, and mouthwatering cuts, lunch and dinner can’t get any better! Please don’t shy away from trying a few slices of our freshly made pizzas.


Time to Please the Sweet Cravings!

Indulge in a chocolaty affair with our chocolate cheesecakes, eclairs or fondant. Try a modern variation of two classic desserts with our crème brulee croissant. Or visit the frozen wonderland with an interesting selection of ice creams and sorbets. Our mini cakes are crowd-favourites and must-tries on your visit!


Presenting Our Beverage Menu!

You would hardly want to put the spoon and fork down with our best dining experience in Dubai, but you must sip in the creations of our mixologists. Finding different flavour profiles with each glass will be a culinary adventure. Our mocktails, tea and coffee selection will certainly be on your reorder list!


How about Something Fresh Out of The Oven?

Welcome to the Quince Bakehouse! Here, our seasoned bakers make fresh breads and pastries every day. With a delightful variety of croissants, brioche, focaccia, baguette, sourdough, and white bread, the menu doesn’t fail to impress.


A Few Secrets: Feel Free to Share with the Food Connoisseurs!

We have an entirely plant-based menu in the works. So, all the vegans out there will soon have invites to our unique dining experience in Dubai. Our menus change every season. And we take custom orders to make the bread exactly as you want!


The Alluring Ambience: A Touch of Art in Every Corner

The moment you step foot into Quince, you will be transferred to a unique culinary world where art and designs are passionately celebrated. We wanted our interiors and ambience to complement the food we serve perfectly, and we have successfully done so! You will see wood, metal, and stone accents incorporated all over to create somewhat modern architectural tones. The same theme continues in the seating arrangement and lounge area with the addition of soft cushioning for a cosy and comfortable time.

As you wait for the food, your eyes will have a gala time gazing at the many art pieces placed on the walls and wall cabinets. Bringing all the interior decorative elements together is the mindful placement of plants and succulents.

The final touch is the soft-glam lighting. It keeps the focus on the food and smartly highlights the different nooks. The lighting is also bliss for food photography and selfies.


Let the Gastronomic Extravaganza Begin!

Being the most gracious host, Quince is always ready to gift you the best dining experience in Dubai. Drop by for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, and you will get an amalgamation of delectable flavours and visual indulgences. Every dish is assembled with artistic skills. Each element that goes on the plate is well thought out.

We can go on and on, but you must experience it yourself! So, book a table without any delay, and remember we are open from 8 am to 12 noon for breakfast and 12 noon to 11 pm for lunch and dinner. See you soon!


Quince has smoothly blended Dubai’s best seasonal and local produce with modern culinary techniques to create a wonderful experience. Our food presentation amid a breathtaking ambience oozes the luxury that many crave!

The ambience of Quince is great for spending some fun and quality time with friends over tasty bites and exquisite drinks.

You can visit our website or dial (+971) 56 418 4244 for reservations.

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